Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Law & Order: Forest Acres Crime Scene Unit

Drama...Drama...Drama! I went out to play with the boys this morning around 10:30. As I walked outside into the backyard, I was approached by a construction worker from the new development behind my house. If it had been the opening 30 seconds of Law & Order, it may have gone a little like this...Here's the script:

Constuction Worker: (shouting, walking toward my fence) Ma'am, Ma'am

Me: (shouting back) yes, what can I help you with?

Constuction Worker: I've been seeing you outside with your children...

Me: (thinking) great!

Construction worker: I wanted to let you know I found a GUN in your backyard

Me: (shouting) A WHAT????

Construction worker: A Gun----it looks really old but it could have been a murder weapon

Me: (thinking) yeah probably put it there and I'm going to walk down there and look & you're going to use it to kill me in front of my children...I love the feeling of safety and security in today's world!

Me: (keeping a distance) Can you show me where?

Construction worker: I'm going to point my shovel handle at it

Me: Wow! It is a gun!

Construction Worker: I think you should call the PO-LICE!

Me: Absolutely! Thanks sir!

So I did just that and I called my neighbor, Lorri, too. I figured she and her daughter could stand a little action on a boring hot summer day.

So two of the FAPD show up for the investigation. I had to get them a shovel so they could move it. They older cop just stood there crackin' jokes and being a "you know what" while the poor little rookie cop was doin' all the work.

Well, they pulled the gun out and after closely examining it, they determined that it was just a toy...a very old toy! They let us keep the "murder weapon" which Sam thought was super cool. Our house/property is extremely old and there is no tellin' how many criminals have hidden in what used to be the "rain forest" behind my house. You never know! It could have been real. So it's better to be safe than sorry.

It made for an interesting story for our nosey neighbors and for Shannon when he got home. You'd think the cops would need to hurry back to fighting crime but NO they hung out in my backyard for an additional 30 minutes talking to me and Lorri and playing ball with Sam. Ain't nothin' like the FAPD.

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