Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Dad cookin' up the slop
Uncle Phil, Great-Aunt Nita, Clayton, & our family friend Ann enjoying the Grillin's
Shannon & Sam dining together
Fulton trying to fill Boppa's shoes

Uncle Clayton and Uncle Bubba playing corn hole

Wally and Muzzy supervise the chaos

Nic fixin' his grub
Fu and his feast
Ring around the rosies....
We all fall down! Uh-oh Boppa!
Oh my!!!

We celebrated Father's Day just with my parents because Shannon's were at the beach. We ate a fabulous meal and enjoyed visiting with lots of family members. We played corn hole and mom set up the baby pool for the boys to splash in.
Shannon and Dad both had a great day.

A note to Shannon:
Father's day is so much more than just a sale at the local department store! You are loved and appreciated so much more than you will ever know! Thanks for being so patient and loving with the boys. I know that they truly appreciate the time you spend with them. I never would have dreamed that when I met you in SAT math class that we would share a life together and have 2 amazingly precious little boys. I am so fortunate to be sharing this journey with you. I couldn't have asked for more!

A note to Dad:
Dad you know you are the ultimate Super Hero! You never cease to amaze us with your ability to get up and go and take care of your family (and everyone else's too). Sam and Fulton think Boppa is just the greatest! You can always keep the peace in times of chaos and get the party going in times of celebration! You're awesome!!!! Thanks for EVERYTHING!

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