Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!!!!

June 1st
Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Mom, along with me and my brothers pulled off the best surprise EVER! We have been planning and lying to my Dad for over a year now. We've been sneaking around planning his big shindig.

We had a fabulous time with about 200 of our closest friends and family members. Dad was surrounded by so much love from his fellow musicians, business partners, family, tennis buddies and old classmates. The toasts were wonderful. Some super sweet and some pants-wetting hilarious. I opted out of a toast and conned my brothers and husband into dressing up and doing a skit.

I was too busy running my mouth to take any pictures so you will just have to check back for the photo updates later as we get pictures from other folks.

My Uncle Joe told dad he was taking him to a Steve Spurrier event at Tronco's for his birthday. When he walked in we all shouted surprise (of course). And he truly was surprised.

My Aunt Bankie took pictures for his birthday gift and will have them on her site soon. I'll be sure to keep you posted.
Dad greeting an old family friend
"Where's Spurrier?"
Meredith, Helen, and Me
Sorry, more pictures to come!!!
(If you were there and have any to email, please let me know!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey how are you doing. Sorry I couldn't make it to your fathers birthday. I heard yall had a great time. I was at the beach. The pictures are great and my new e-mail address is Call me sometime 237-1484 . Talk to you soon,