Sunday, April 15, 2007

I almost forgot...


The Bakers
The Barkers
The Dorseys
The Jacksons
The Weinbachs
The Wests
The Wheelers
Once again, the Dorsey's hosted a fabulous shin-dig for the little fellas! We had their Easter party on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. the boys enjoyed playing in the yard, doing some crafts, eating some yummy food, and having their Easter Egg Hunt. They all had so much fun and got SOOOO dirty. Putting Sam and Fulton to bed was NO PROBLEM at all!
If you've been following the blog, you've heard the story behind our group. (If can go back to the 2006 posts to get the low down.) Any who... it was nice to have them together again for another grand time. I look forward to all the holiday parties with them. I can't believe how grown up all of them are now!

Craft Time!

Sam shows off his cute hat
The boys have a snack or 10

Fulton and Brooks have a snack of their own

Fulton on the "baby" egg hunt

The babies pose for a precious shot

On your mark-get set- GO!!! The boys line up for the "big boys egg hunt"
Charlie is on a roll
Blake is goin' in for the goods
Sam sees a good find
Cannon and Grant are proud of their loot
Sam's still searching
Heath enjoys his Popsicle

Blake and Sam finish off the day shootin' some hoops
Fulton and Luke want to go for a spin
Okay, I have to show you these! These were my contribution to the party. I must admit they were pretty cute!
Easter basket cupcakes!!!
Cupcakes with Twizzler handles
Piped Easter Grass and Jelly beans.


Anonymous said...

They are all adorable!!! You know I love boys! I want to be a fly on the wall when you girls take all these fellas to the beach for "first week" in about 10 / 12 years !!! Look out Pawley's, Litchfield and Garden City. Love, Muzzy

Anonymous said...

oops!!! sorry, I meant to tell you the cupcakes looked great. You did a good job making those. Very nice. Mom