Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy 18th Birthday Uncle Nic-Nic

Happy Birthday to Uncle Nic-Nic!!!!!
Since Nic is legally a man, My dad loaded up all the boys into Shannon's truck and took 'em to HOOTERS for supper to celebrate Nic's B-day.
Jenny and Nic
Nicolas is my first born child (just-kidding) but he may as well have been. He was born when I was 15 and was raised by me and all my crazy friends. We used to take him everywhere, include him in everything, and pretend he was our own. Many times I have replied with gratitude to the comment..."you have a precious little boy!" Shannon and I have "adopted" him on more than one occasion.
Flash-Back...Shannon and I started dating when Nic was 3 years old. He loved Shannon and the only way we could get him to get dressed was to tell him that Shannon had the same outfit. We took him everywhere with us and got everything from endearing to dirty looks from our elders. But we loved every minute of it because he was so adorable (and still is)!
Poor Nic...If ever he got in trouble he'd say Mom, please don't tell Claudia because I'm just gonna have to hear it again! And he was right and still has to hear it. I love my "Rudy-T"!!!! He is the "glue" in our family and I am thankful for him. I can't believe he's 18!!!
We took Nic to dinner for his b-day and Jenny joined us. That weekend we had a party at mom's house for him. The kids had a good time and it was great to see all these young adults that I have know since they were in Sister Maria's class at St. Joseph's. Weird!!!!!!!! How old AM I??????
Anywho, Nic is a DOLL! FYI-Ralph Lauren needs to get his hands on him...if anyone has any connections!


I love my girls!! said...

18...I can't believe it!! I remember him as a baby (throwing up on me along with Clayton:)!!!!) He looks so much like you. I hope you all are doing well.

Anonymous said...

What sweet thoughts and remembrances Claudia. Nic is proud to be your brother. He loves you too! He has been fun, hasn't he? I'm glad we decided to keep him. Love, Muzzy

Anonymous said...

Amanda will never forget that night will she? Neither will Adam.