Thursday, April 12, 2007


Happy Easter from What's Bakin'!

Sam (4-1/2) and Fulton (1-1/2)

You gotta love turtlenecks with Easter outfits!!! I thought we lived in the south????

We had a ball kicking off the Easter weekend. We had a house-full of family members to dye eggs with the boys. (Mom and I set aside our own stash to make our "Designer Eggs" after everyone finished.) Fulton had so much fun and he would just squeal if you tried to take the cup away to give him a new color. He even sampled the dye a few times. I can't imagine anyone wanting to try it more than once!!! Sam had a blast too. He enjoyed cup hopping. I think each one of his turned out puke green or brown....but Hey it's the process not the product Right? We finished the night off with Pizza Man pizza and Popsicles.

Muzzy helping Fu get his egg out.

Sam (Spiderman) dunking his egg.

Cousins Renee and Emily and Nic's Girlfriend, Jenny enjoyed dying theirs too!

Mom and I enjoyed polishing off our "stash"

Easter Sunday 2007

What a beautiful day! It was super cold but so beautiful outside. Easter is such a wonderful time to reflect and truly take in all that God has blessed us with. Seeing my precious boys run through Muzzy's yard on their Easter Egg hunt is a priceless moment I'll always carry with me. It also took me back to the many annual egg hunts at Aunt Mella and Uncle Henry Martin's and Grandmama and Grandaddy Player's that we enjoyed growing up. The memories of all the girls in their pretty dresses and the boys in their handsome suits racing for the Golden egg are still so vivid. Michael and our cousin Bonner getting into eggs fights (Uncle Henry used to hide real eggs) was hilarious! Nicolas and cousin Sidney rolling in the dirt over one plastic egg which lead to the shedding of tears was another priceless moment. All those wonderful times with family for special occasions have now created the yearning for the same traditions for my own children. I am so thrilled to be able to stage those memories for them as well.
We started off the morning with the presentation of the Easter baskets left for the boys by the Easter Bunny and then the traditional church service at St. John's followed by a muffins and coffee reception. We came home for just a bit...long enough to bake a couple of dishes for dinner at mom and dad's. We headed to mom's for a fabulous Southern lunch of Ham, potato salad, green beans, corn casserole, and desserts to die for! Mom had a house full (as usual) and it was great to see everyone.

The Easter Bunny had hidden so many eggs but only two Golden eggs just for Sam and Fulton. All I have to say is...they have a rich Easter Bunny because all mine used to leave was a 50 cent piece!!!!! They went on their egg hunt and were super excited about their reward!
We had a wonderful day and I concluded the day in prayer thanking God for ALL the blessings in my life! I am indeed thankful!!!

Who came to see you last night???...
The Easter Bunny!!!!
He even came to see Dixie and Linus!
Sam checks out his goodies
And Fulton does the same
Sam hunting for eggs at Muzzy & Boppa's
Uncle Nic and Fulton with his Golden Egg
You're getting warmer...
Sambo and Fu take a rest to check out their treasure

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family picture, you all look so nice. Sam and Fu look adorable in their green suits in front of the lavender azalea. The egg dyeing was a hoot for sure.

Yes, we all are so blessed and give thanks for so much in our lives. Love, Muzzy