Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

We are celebrating our one year anniversary of blogging.
Thanks for your visits and comments.We've had over 2500 visits and we're still counting!!! We truly appreciate it and we will continue to bring you more Baker Family updates!
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Sunday, April 15, 2007

I almost forgot...


The Bakers
The Barkers
The Dorseys
The Jacksons
The Weinbachs
The Wests
The Wheelers
Once again, the Dorsey's hosted a fabulous shin-dig for the little fellas! We had their Easter party on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. the boys enjoyed playing in the yard, doing some crafts, eating some yummy food, and having their Easter Egg Hunt. They all had so much fun and got SOOOO dirty. Putting Sam and Fulton to bed was NO PROBLEM at all!
If you've been following the blog, you've heard the story behind our group. (If can go back to the 2006 posts to get the low down.) Any who... it was nice to have them together again for another grand time. I look forward to all the holiday parties with them. I can't believe how grown up all of them are now!

Craft Time!

Sam shows off his cute hat
The boys have a snack or 10

Fulton and Brooks have a snack of their own

Fulton on the "baby" egg hunt

The babies pose for a precious shot

On your mark-get set- GO!!! The boys line up for the "big boys egg hunt"
Charlie is on a roll
Blake is goin' in for the goods
Sam sees a good find
Cannon and Grant are proud of their loot
Sam's still searching
Heath enjoys his Popsicle

Blake and Sam finish off the day shootin' some hoops
Fulton and Luke want to go for a spin
Okay, I have to show you these! These were my contribution to the party. I must admit they were pretty cute!
Easter basket cupcakes!!!
Cupcakes with Twizzler handles
Piped Easter Grass and Jelly beans.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Happy Easter from What's Bakin'!

Sam (4-1/2) and Fulton (1-1/2)

You gotta love turtlenecks with Easter outfits!!! I thought we lived in the south????

We had a ball kicking off the Easter weekend. We had a house-full of family members to dye eggs with the boys. (Mom and I set aside our own stash to make our "Designer Eggs" after everyone finished.) Fulton had so much fun and he would just squeal if you tried to take the cup away to give him a new color. He even sampled the dye a few times. I can't imagine anyone wanting to try it more than once!!! Sam had a blast too. He enjoyed cup hopping. I think each one of his turned out puke green or brown....but Hey it's the process not the product Right? We finished the night off with Pizza Man pizza and Popsicles.

Muzzy helping Fu get his egg out.

Sam (Spiderman) dunking his egg.

Cousins Renee and Emily and Nic's Girlfriend, Jenny enjoyed dying theirs too!

Mom and I enjoyed polishing off our "stash"

Easter Sunday 2007

What a beautiful day! It was super cold but so beautiful outside. Easter is such a wonderful time to reflect and truly take in all that God has blessed us with. Seeing my precious boys run through Muzzy's yard on their Easter Egg hunt is a priceless moment I'll always carry with me. It also took me back to the many annual egg hunts at Aunt Mella and Uncle Henry Martin's and Grandmama and Grandaddy Player's that we enjoyed growing up. The memories of all the girls in their pretty dresses and the boys in their handsome suits racing for the Golden egg are still so vivid. Michael and our cousin Bonner getting into eggs fights (Uncle Henry used to hide real eggs) was hilarious! Nicolas and cousin Sidney rolling in the dirt over one plastic egg which lead to the shedding of tears was another priceless moment. All those wonderful times with family for special occasions have now created the yearning for the same traditions for my own children. I am so thrilled to be able to stage those memories for them as well.
We started off the morning with the presentation of the Easter baskets left for the boys by the Easter Bunny and then the traditional church service at St. John's followed by a muffins and coffee reception. We came home for just a bit...long enough to bake a couple of dishes for dinner at mom and dad's. We headed to mom's for a fabulous Southern lunch of Ham, potato salad, green beans, corn casserole, and desserts to die for! Mom had a house full (as usual) and it was great to see everyone.

The Easter Bunny had hidden so many eggs but only two Golden eggs just for Sam and Fulton. All I have to say is...they have a rich Easter Bunny because all mine used to leave was a 50 cent piece!!!!! They went on their egg hunt and were super excited about their reward!
We had a wonderful day and I concluded the day in prayer thanking God for ALL the blessings in my life! I am indeed thankful!!!

Who came to see you last night???...
The Easter Bunny!!!!
He even came to see Dixie and Linus!
Sam checks out his goodies
And Fulton does the same
Sam hunting for eggs at Muzzy & Boppa's
Uncle Nic and Fulton with his Golden Egg
You're getting warmer...
Sambo and Fu take a rest to check out their treasure

Spring Break 2007

Fulton and Sam pose on a very breezy day at the beach
Chilly waters didn't stop them
Playing on the beach
Digging to China
Daddy and Fu
Get off the road folks...this could be a disaster!
About 15 years ago the Baker family introduced this ocean-front-beach-house-snob to the world of camping. I'll be the first person to admit that I protested the camping trip to the beach EVERY YEAR! Since having my children, my tune has changed. We had so much fun and I can't believe all that there was to do at the campground. There was never a dull moment and never a need to leave. The boys fed the ducks at the pond, got ice cream from the camp ice cream shop, played games in the arcade, went swimming in the fabulous indoor pool, rode the golf cart all over, and played on the ocean front playground. It was too much fun! Our neighbors joined us for a few days during our stay. And believe it or not...we went camper hunting after our trip. Nana and Papa were kind enough to let us use their RV this time. We'll see if we can con them into another week this Summer.
If you've never been and you have children...I highly recommend it!

Happy 18th Birthday Uncle Nic-Nic

Happy Birthday to Uncle Nic-Nic!!!!!
Since Nic is legally a man, My dad loaded up all the boys into Shannon's truck and took 'em to HOOTERS for supper to celebrate Nic's B-day.
Jenny and Nic
Nicolas is my first born child (just-kidding) but he may as well have been. He was born when I was 15 and was raised by me and all my crazy friends. We used to take him everywhere, include him in everything, and pretend he was our own. Many times I have replied with gratitude to the comment..."you have a precious little boy!" Shannon and I have "adopted" him on more than one occasion.
Flash-Back...Shannon and I started dating when Nic was 3 years old. He loved Shannon and the only way we could get him to get dressed was to tell him that Shannon had the same outfit. We took him everywhere with us and got everything from endearing to dirty looks from our elders. But we loved every minute of it because he was so adorable (and still is)!
Poor Nic...If ever he got in trouble he'd say Mom, please don't tell Claudia because I'm just gonna have to hear it again! And he was right and still has to hear it. I love my "Rudy-T"!!!! He is the "glue" in our family and I am thankful for him. I can't believe he's 18!!!
We took Nic to dinner for his b-day and Jenny joined us. That weekend we had a party at mom's house for him. The kids had a good time and it was great to see all these young adults that I have know since they were in Sister Maria's class at St. Joseph's. Weird!!!!!!!! How old AM I??????
Anywho, Nic is a DOLL! FYI-Ralph Lauren needs to get his hands on him...if anyone has any connections!

Soccer Blogress (continued)

The March 24th soccer update
I don't have much to report because we missed a practice and two games due to St. Patrick's day and our trip to the beach. our game on March 24th we had a monumental moment. We're getting closer, folks! Sam went on the field and did not hold on to Shannon!!! More to come...
Fu chillin' as he watched Big Red play
Shannon's doing the pep talk
Sam's goin' in!

St. Patrick's Day

March 17th

Okay, so things have changed quite a bit in recent years. I remember the childless days of St. Patty's Day in Five Points. They were far different from today.

We arrived for the parade at 10 a.m. and enjoyed watching all the crazy floats and people march down Devine St. We went down for the kids' festivities and the boys has a ball looking at the petting zoo, the race cars and riding the rides.
I think they should establish a height maximum too! (Poor Shannon)
Sam and I enjoyed spinning until we couldn't spin anymore!
Who needs those crazy Liberty tax people on the roadside when you could have the cutest baby in the world!!!!
When the boys got hungry for lunch, we decided to take them back to they're roots. We took them to where else but... the Public House. Thank goodness they have installed a new ventilation system (of course it wasn't 2 a.m. either). They enjoyed hanging out with the big folks for a little while.
Something about the Public House makes you feel like dancing in the booth.
Fu Fu's calling up his posse
Mommy and Fu pose while daddy and Sam play video games
After we ate, we went to The Wheelers' house for a little while to see some friends. Even though little Brooks and Charlie weren't there, the boys made themselves at home and played. After a long day, we all came home and took hefty late afternoon naps!