Sunday, March 04, 2007

Soccer Blogress

Okay, so we signed Sam up for YMCA soccer with a few church buddies and friends.

We interrupt this post for a word from Dr. Claudia...

For those of you who do not know Sam well, he is VERY reticent or as most would say...SHY. Although, we prefer to use the phrase "slow to warm up". It tends to do less psychological damage in the long run and sound a little less harsh. My pet peeve is the people who are totally unaware that children DO have feelings and they DO begin to believe about themselves what they hear repeatedly. So therefore it makes my blood boil when people lean over to him and say Oh...ARE YOU SHY???? Hearing this over and over does not leave much room for a child's personality and self-esteem to blossom. So we have taken the advice of our Doctor at Sandhills Pediatrics and signed him up for some group activities.

We had our first practice a few weeks ago. It was so precious, a little discombobulated, but definitely precious. The funny thing is, he wants to go, he gets excited about going but he just shuts down once we get there.

Bless his little heart! He'll get there!!!

Day 1-Sam's soccer status---Our Goal for this week- Just try to participate. He was little afraid but excited to get to kick the ball. I gave him full support, trying to coach him in a sport I know nothing about. He did a great job when he participated but was reluctant to do so some of the time. His coach is great...he has the patience of Job. He doesn't push him he just lets him come into it on his own. After all, it's not the World Cup, it's Half-Pint soccer!
Sam and Mommy waiting his turn and giving him a pep talk
Trying to help Coach Brandon keep some order
Put me in coach!

Day 4-Sam's soccer status---Game day! Our Goal for this week-Run on the field with your team. Sam was nervous but comfortable knowing that parents have been invited on the field too. Shannon joined "Big Red" on the field to comfort and encourage Sam. He did a great job. The other parents on the team are huge supporters of each I think that helps too! I think he was really proud of himself.

Go Sam Go!!!

Run Sam!

Sam and Anna

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute!!! Looks like Sam is having a great time!!

See you soon!