Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bring on the green!!!

Friday night, after Sam's soccer practice, we went down to the fountain in Five Points. Each child was given the opportunity to dye the fountain green. They had beads and stickers, a leprechaun, and bag-pipers, but the hit was the Balloon man. He was the best I've ever seen. Although, we missed the actual dying of the fountain, we still enjoyed bumping into a few friends and watching the balloon man. Sam chose a not-so complicated sword. I'm sure it was a relief after the extremely intricate lion and elephant he had made just before he got to us. We treated Sam to pizza at Za's for doing such a great job at soccer and concluded our evening!
Saturday, we had Sam's first game. We came home and enjoyed the beautiful day and played in the yard. We had our neighbors over to cookout and enjoyed a surprise visit from Muzzy. Sam and Fulton enjoyed doing the video Karaoke with Michaela and her friend Lilly. I need to figure out how to put video footage on the blog. HMMMMMM...

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

your finally comment made me think you were pregnant

Anonymous said...

It was nice to catch up with the Bakers. We were at the fountain Friday night. It was kind of early and did get to dye it. Crazy!! Sorry we missed y'all. I feel like it's been forever since we've seen you. I had thought about doing an Easter egg hunt. What do you think? We need a girls night here sometime soon. Let's try to get Jenn out.

See you soon!!


Anonymous said...

Aunt K

Anonymous said...

Where do you get all your energy. I'm getting a kick out of all your full-on-family-activities.
Love, The other MOM