Tuesday, February 20, 2007

John Mayer

Claudia and Lorri on the way to the John Mayer concert
You gotta love camera phone quality pictures!!!
Mike, Greg, Me, and Jimmy
Shannon missed seeing three of his best buddies from high school
Shannon was so sweet to have gotten me John Mayer tickets for Valentine's Day. Lorri and I took advantage of a Girls Night opportunity. We headed to the Colonial Center, got our drinks, found our GREAT seats and were ready to watch cutie-patootie John Mayer. During his second song into the show an under-aged wild female animal was drinking her carafe of RED wine and decided to dump it all down my back and all over my chair. Thank goodness for the color black...all I really endured was a little damp clothing. We were forced to leave our seats, as I did not want to marinate in red wine for the duration of the evening. Fortunately, some of our friends were in a suite and we were able to enjoy the rest of the show from there. As for John Mayer, he's great to listen to on the radio but he definitely lacks stage presence. His band/music was excellent, as were the song choices. I thought he would have given a bigger performance though. Maybe ol' Jessica Simpson's bringing him down. :-) Regardless, we had a great time.

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