Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Mommy and Sam get Sam's goodie bags ready for his school party
Sam signed his name to his Valentines for his classmates
Delivery from the Valentine Chicken
My Valentine from Sam
A sleepy Sam smiles after seeing his goodies
Fully can't wait to open his Valentine
Breakfast with the Valentine Chicken
The Baker boys had a great Valentine's Day. Sam and Fulton awoke to goodies from the Valentine Chicken. The Valentine Chicken is a tradition in my family that was started by my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Skrupskellis (I never did learn to spell her name.) Any who, It was such a cute idea that mom continued to celebrate V-day with the V-Chicken every year. The odd thing is, one v-day a few years ago, mom found a card that read something like...there's the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy but what about the Valentine's Chicken??? So therefore we celebrate with the Valentine's Chicken. Sam loves it and thinks it is so funny.
Shannon and I enjoyed a night to ourselves on Valentine's weekend. We sent the boys up to the lake to stay with Nana and Papa. They had a great time, we had a great time and all is well. We enjoyed a quiet dinner and an OK movie. It was much appreciated and well deserved. I hope the Valentine's Chicken was good to all of you.
Check back for more posts. I've gotten kinda slack...I'll try to be better!

John Mayer

Claudia and Lorri on the way to the John Mayer concert
You gotta love camera phone quality pictures!!!
Mike, Greg, Me, and Jimmy
Shannon missed seeing three of his best buddies from high school
Shannon was so sweet to have gotten me John Mayer tickets for Valentine's Day. Lorri and I took advantage of a Girls Night opportunity. We headed to the Colonial Center, got our drinks, found our GREAT seats and were ready to watch cutie-patootie John Mayer. During his second song into the show an under-aged wild female animal was drinking her carafe of RED wine and decided to dump it all down my back and all over my chair. Thank goodness for the color black...all I really endured was a little damp clothing. We were forced to leave our seats, as I did not want to marinate in red wine for the duration of the evening. Fortunately, some of our friends were in a suite and we were able to enjoy the rest of the show from there. As for John Mayer, he's great to listen to on the radio but he definitely lacks stage presence. His band/music was excellent, as were the song choices. I thought he would have given a bigger performance though. Maybe ol' Jessica Simpson's bringing him down. :-) Regardless, we had a great time.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Monster Truck Show 2007
And they're off!
Sam and Shannon
Mac, his daddy, Leighton, and Mason
Sam enjoys the snacks and the view from inside
What's goin' on with Grave Digger??? He's everyone's favorite!
Mason waving his Monster Jam flag
Sam and Shannon enjoyed a great boys night out on February 2nd. They went to the Monster Truck Show at the Colonial Center. Sam has gone since he was 2 years old and loves it more each year. This year he rallied up two of his buddies, Mason and Mac and their daddies, and they had a fabulous time. They were decked out with the usual gear of headphones, flags and of course...toy monster trucks. Sam likes to "act out" his own show along with the real ones. Poor Sam had an ear infection but insisted on going. He stayed inside the suite the majority of the time because the noise was hurting his little ears. But he didn't let it stop him from having a good time!! The report at the end of the night was that the boys can't wait until next year!!!!