Monday, January 08, 2007

You never know what's next!

Yes, friends, What's Bakin'? has reached an entirely different level. And I, your blogger, have officially become certifiably crazy!!!
Keeping in theme with my new baking obsession (October's posts) and "What's Bakin'?", please note the newest link on the right just below the giant cupcake...
Pass it along to friends.
More to come later...


Anonymous said...


Your blog is too cute. I love hearing all about Sam and Fulton. Adorable boys!! Happy New Year……Jiggy!!

Anonymous said...

I've just read "New Blogs". Somehow I always seem to shed a tear. You are a sweet and caring person. Not only too your children and family. But too everyone around you. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Saw your cute pics of your girls night with Kathleen. Would love to see all ya gals. Let me know next time you all get get together.
Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Your “What’s Bakin’” stamps and clothes are too cute!!! I love it! You are too crazy and fun!