Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"Old-School"...Dinner with Kathleen

Kathleen gave us all a crash course in striking a pose for the camera. She claims she learned it on Oprah! Supposedly, it's something like...chin out, tilt head, and turn your shoulder. Obviously, I have not mastered it!!!

We all gave it a try! But I think Kathleen has been secretly practicing her moves.

My dear friend from the days of old, Kathleen, was in town for the Christmas holidays. We get to see each other two, maybe three, times a year. I feel like I'm 16 again when she's in town. And though she hasn't lived here in several years, it seems like no time at all has gone by since we last saw each other. That's the great thing about growing up with people. There's a line in the movie "Stand by Me", it says something like... "you'll never have friends like the ones you had when you were a teenager." There is so much truth to that. They are the friends that love you for who you are. They know ALL about you and STILL love you!
We decided to go out to dinner to celebrate friendship and the holidays. I just love being with all the girls I grew up with in Columbia. We have such great, often silly conversations. There is ALWAYS so much to get caught up on. It was so hard to conclude the evening and go home. I felt we should be having an old fashioned sleep-over, where we would end up in the Burger King drive thru at 2 a.m.

My, how I miss those days!

Left, Front to Back: Meredith, Sazy, Kathleen, Anna, Me and Right, Front to Back: Eron, Mason, Helen, Katherine, Jenny

Kathleen and I took our little sweet potatoes to Leapin' Lizards on Thursday. They all played so nicely together. Ford and Fulton were as good as gold and Elizabeth and Sam jumped until they couldn't jump any more. In fact, they jumped so much that I couldn't get a decent picture of them. If Kathleen has any better ones to send, I'll re-post later. But you get the idea!

We look forward to playing with them again very soon!

I miss you Kathleen!!!! I'll see you this Summer!

Ford and Fulton

Elizabeth and Sam

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