Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Mullet Is Gone!

Fulton received his first haircut the other day. He was a champ. He sat so still and let Ms. Kelly snip away. He still looks like a baby but it was certainly a monumental moment, as we cherished the days of the baby mullet. Our friend Allen, preferred the pronunciation Moo-lay. He said it sounds a little more sophisticated.

Any who...he is beginning to morph into a little boy. I was so very tired of random Joes coming up and saying..."what a precious little girl" despite the fact that Fulton typically has on an outfit with a train, car, football, or ALL blue with his BLUE pacie in his mouth. I feel like saying..."we think SHE is quite precious too, but we really wanted another boy. So we have decided to do some early training in becoming a transvestite." Come on people...let's put it together before you open your mouth.

He looks very cute!

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