Thursday, December 07, 2006

Preview Party

Ansley and I were off to the Holiday Market Preview Party

First of all, I'd like to give a shout out to my home-girls, Mason, Ellen, and Leigh and their committee for a beautiful and fabulous party! The Junior League Holiday Market was off to a great start with a wonderful Preview Party. Everything was just delightful! They are better women than I...I am too chicken to sign up for Holiday Market as my placement.
Shannon was supposed to be out-of-town (but his trip got cancelled at the last minute) so I decided to make a Girls night out of the Preview Party. Summer, Ansley and I were all going to go together but Summer had to return to Sumter to tend to a sick family member. But Ansley and I had a great time, even though we missed Summer. I told her I felt like we were going stag to a high-school band party for LPT. Ha! If I were only 17 again!!!! Any who...we saw lots of familiar faces and chatted with so many wonderful people. One of my fellow bloggers was there, good 0l' Caroline. I was proud to learn that my High school friend, Christie (Abernathy) Causey has also caught the blogging bug. She is now trying to set up her site to tell tales of her pregnancy and announce the arrival of her baby girl, due very soon. Peace, blogger babes!!!
I would have taken more pictures to post but I left my camera at home that night. So you'll just have to wait until next year's blog or attend the party yourself. It really is fun!

Any who...Sinus Infection and all I had a pretty fine time.

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