Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Map Test

My little neighbor is in 2nd grade and totally killed me on this. I got an unbelievable 19/48 she got ALL of them!!!!!!!!!!!! Shannon bombed it too. Post a comment below and let me know how you did. It's fun!
This should keep you busy for a minute or two ...... OK Class, It's time for your U.S. Geography Test! You must drag and drop all 48 states in the time allotted to be promoted to the 4th grade. Click the web page below.. Ready.. Begin!
click here


I love my girls!! said...

39/48...I still failed. The sad thing is everything I missed is on the east coast!!! Too many small states...if they condensed all the NE states into the size of Texas I would have passed!!!!!

Leslie Kirk said...

Very sad..Pat and I combined failed the 3rd grade! We are packing up and waiting outside for the short bus! I guess I need to do some studying before Will starts Geography!