Thursday, November 09, 2006

Busy Week!!!

Today was such a beautiful day!!!! I truly enjoyed spending the afternoon outside with my boys. I feel like the past two weeks I've been living in a whirl-wind. Things are slowing down now (only to pick right back up in two weeks for the Holidays!!!).
Any who, the boys enjoyed the weather, as did I. Sam ran around the yard scaling the swing set, pretending to be Spiderman and we played baseball for a little while. Fulton is STILL NOT WALKING (and all 25 pounds of him is about to break my back) so he usually stands in one or two places just cruising around the same object. He doesn't like to crawl in the playground mulch (neither would I). So his little lawn mower was his object of choice today.
Sam wanted me to include his "action shot"

I promise I'm not falling down on the blog-job. After a VERY busy week, I have just now gotten the chance to sit down and blog about...Well, nothing, really.

I have been going non-stop; Bunco, A Concert, Football Game, Birthdays. You name it!
Last week was CRAZY.
  • I had a well deserved Girls Night Out that turned into Moms Gone Wild.
  • Some where in the mix there was a date night (Thank Goodness!) and a USC Football game

  • We also celebrated my Mom's and my Uncle Phil's Birthdays at my house on Sunday and then went out for my Mom's on Monday

(Happy Birthday, Momma!)

  • Several of us went to Let's Dish to make supper

  • I ran around town doing my shift work by hanging Junior League Holiday Market posters...I hope all of you will get to go at some point.
  • ... and all kinds stuff

I am now looking forward to a weekend filled with absolutely NOTHING!!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend! More next time...


Anonymous said...

what about let's dish???

Anonymous said...

nevermind i just saw one line about it, but thanks a lot for such little press...

Anonymous said...

Cute again! I have been waiting to read more of your adventures. This is addictive. I look for more every night. You falling down on the job, girlfriend!!! You don't have anything else to do, do you? Very cute, I enjoy! Love, Momma

Anonymous said...

Hey Claudia,

I didn't realize until recently that this was your email. I thought it was just another piece of spam. Thanks for putting me on you email list. I really enjoy looking at the pictures and reading about your activities. I can't believe that you write all that. Your a better person than I. There is no way that I have the patience for that.

Max is now almost 2 1/2 and Emily is almost 7 months. Time is really going fast. Hopefully the next time I'm in Columbia we can get the kids together and catch up.

Talk to you soon,


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!! Boys look adorable, as ususal and you look wonderful!! I am so jealous that you were able to go to the Def Leopard/Journey concert!! I wanted to go so bad and Bryan wouldn't let me!! I am so glad that someone got to go and have fun!!
Love the blog!!
Take care
Love ya

Leslie Kirk said...

Your boys are so cute and I love reading your posts! We should get together now that I am back in Columbia! I love a little mom's gone wild!! We all definitely need it every now and then!

Curly said...

Hey Claudia!
I found your blog through Amanda Thomas' website and it's great. I have a blog too, but they aren't my children that I write about. Go back to the first post to see who they are...the address is and I TOTALLY stole some of your cute ideas for the blog--you're so creative. Just FYI, my sister in law, Anna (T's mom- you'll know who that is when you go to my blog) just ordered her son, T, monogrammed paintings from Ansley and they are so cute! Anyway, we should try to get together sometime. I added your pages as links to mine b/c you have such cute pages.
See you soon!
Caroline Suggs Milliken