Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bounce House or Crack House?

Caution: Some photos on this post could be disturbing

Saturday night we enjoyed spending some time with Darby and Patrick Kelley and their three children, Anna, Jack, and Alec. We had a great time watching Anna and Sam nearly kill themselves in the Bounce House. They bounced for EVER. They even flipped the bounce house over a few times.

Well, delirium sets in at some point and children begin to do disturbing things. Anna and Sam either became possessed or there was crack in the juice boxes. They found it quite entertaining to smash their faces against the mesh and growl like rabid dogs. Sadly, we found it even more entertaining and egged them on for about 20 minutes until we couldn't laugh any more. My cheeks were sore and trembling from laughing for so long.

They really are cute kids! I promise!!!

Alec and Fulton appeared quite normal compared to the rest of the bunch

Sam twisting through the tunnel
Jack follows behind Sam

Fulton becomes a koozie for Shannon
Just FYI: If you're bored on any given day...the Kelleys have turned their spare room into a miniature Leapin' Lizards. There is play-doh, grocery shopping, tons of toys, a long tunnel, and much more! It is so much fun and a great idea if you have the extra room!
Darby and I grew up together. As a matter of fact, our moms shared their pregnancies together. Darby and I are about a month apart. We have many years of memories together and hope for the same with our children. Darby even remarked that it seems like only yesterday that we were hanging out at the beach for Memorial day weekend in 2002 with NO children. Now between the two of us, we have 5 children. My how things have changed!!! But it's so much fun to be watching or babies grow up together too.
We always love hanging out with the Kelley Clan!


Anonymous said...

God Claudia I love your blogspot!!

Makes me laugh and remember all the great times I had with my own posse of boys!!

Enjoy and savor every moment!! All my guys are in high school now and the empty nest is not far off!

How different it will be…

Take care,

Karen Whalen

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! I love getting your emails and I can't wait until the "Just Ducky" show, I will be able to buy clothes for Baylee!! Hopefully she will either be born by then or will be ready to come soon after that!!
I hope you guys are doing well! Are y'all going to the Junior League preview party on the 29th? Just curious. Hope to see you soon! I mean to ask you how the "Let's Dish" party went, I hate that I missed it!:(
Have a great week!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, all the pics make me happy. It is so sweet of you to share all the fun. All that yucking it up must be inherited, ya think?
There are still some crazy times at my house. You need to teach me how to blog. We could put a pic of Dad in his white sweats, 20 year old marathon tee, black socks with his beach sandals!!! Imagine that please...

Love you all, Momma(aka Muzzy)

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog, but I would really like to talk to the real you. Are you still working at Pelion? I can't believe you have time for everything! Write back or call me!
Jennifer 447-7404

mooney said...

My daughter has a birthday coming up and has been asking about a Bounce houses. I will check them out. Thanks!