Sunday, October 29, 2006

WOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEE!!!----What a day!!!!

It all started with church, then lunch, naps, TRUMC Pumpkin Patch, and Halloween Parties!!!
Need I say more??? OK...if you insist!
Ugly Pumpkin Search
After naps we took the boys to the Pumpkin Patch where Sam and I set out on our quest for the ugliest pumpkin. He said he was going to get a big, pretty pumpkin and I told him I was going to get the ugliest pumpkin because why should it just sit there and rot when we can take it home, carve it and make it BEAUTIFUL. The pumpkin patch crop was looking pretty skimpy by this time of the season anyway so it wasn't hard to find a really ugly pumpkin. Only, the really ugly ones had already started to rot and had worms and fruit flies all over them and they sho ain't going home in my car! Any who...I am on a serious mission from now until 6:00 tomorrow to find the beloved ugly pumpkin. (Be looking for my Children's book ;-) That's one thing I have not yet attempted. I might need to grow another hand so I have one to put in that pot, as well.) If anyone has any ideas of where this fresh ugly pumpkin might be found---I'd appreciate some info. You can leave anonymous comments ya know!!! So TRUMC wasn't a winner for me but Sam and Fulton wanted to take all of them home. They found some really nice ones!
Sam picked out a "baby" for FuFu

Fulton likes this one right here and decides to sit next to it so no one else will take it.

Sam made a fine choice for himself and was very excited about it. He was amazed by his strength when he realized he could pick it up!
Powell Halloween Party
Okay so the pumpkins have been selected. We raced home and put on our costumes for the ultra spooky and fun Powell Family Halloween Party. Sam and Fulton enjoyed playing with several of their buddies. As always, Steven and Marie's house looked lovely. It was great seeing the Westons, McCarleys, and Kelleys and all of their precious little goblins.
Costume Confession and Therapy Session
If you know me well, you know I'm not a very big fan of store-bought costumes. I don't want anyone taking offense to that because I do and I have purchased costumes. As a matter of fact, Sam's has been purchased the past three years. Yikes!!!! It's just one of my quirky little idiosyncrasies. My very creatively inclined Momma is to blame for this one.
  • Sidetrack: My entire life, I had home-made costumes. My mother had her wheels turning 365 days a year. My brothers and I won many contests and all the candy, cash and gift certificates we could want. We ran the entire gamut of costumes. We have been: Gumby hand-stitched from foam, a Mermaid (before the whole Ariel bit, around the time of the movie "Splash"), a real aluminum foil and chicken wire Hershey's kiss, a man sitting in a chair, King Tut, Cleopatra, Pebbles Flintstone, Robots, Hulk Hogan, a beautiful Harlequin Clown, and my all time favorite...Mr. Potato Head. I know there were many others but that might give you a general idea of why I feel like I'm jipping my kids of the creativity of Halloween when I go to the check out at Target with a costume in hand. Any who...Fulton's costume received rave reviews from many folks. And while I would love to take credit...It was not I that made it. It was yet another creation in the stitchery of Cathy P. Tronco. She has an ebay store which is very appropriately named "Perfectly Appointed" because everything she does is so very detailed and precise. I have never seen anything less than perfect. (Shannon and I are working on her very own website.)

I really didn't want to reveal their costumes before Halloween but since most of you have been partying with us I'll go ahead. It's kinda like seeing a bride before her wedding. I take this Halloween stuff pretty seriously!!!!

Sam is the very store-bought Darth Vader (I wasn't about to attempt to make that one[and he refuses to wear the mask so it's only half a costume]) and Fully is the adorable side kick, YODA, hand-made by Muzzy!!!

Trunk or Treat
So off we were to the St. John's Trunk or Treat put on by the EYC. It was very cute. Sam truly enjoyed his candy prizes from playing the games.

After the fair...he's a pro at the old Ducky game

Same waiting to play the bean bag toss

And 3-2-1...Night, Night
Needless to say, the boys were pooped. So pooped in fact, that we had to miss the Kirkland family's Pumpkin Carving Party. I was bummed but bedtime was calling very loudly.
Anyway, Halloween is not over yet and you haven't heard the last of the What's Bakin' Halloween Saga. To Be Continued...


Anonymous said...

Love your new blog! How can I add something to your next one? You are very talented mama! Love it! --Caroline

Anonymous said...

They both look adorable. Fulton is too much, what a smile he puts on my face. He is incredibly cute!
Thanks for all the kudos, you really didn't have to drag me into this. I don't have a clue what blogging is? Love, yo'Momma

I love my girls!! said...

How cute!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Claudia! Are you shocked? Yes, it's me - Allison! I so enjoyed looking over your blog today. I felt like I was actually in touch with the outside world! All of the pictures are precious. How are you guys? You all are looking great! Thanks for staying in touch with me. I am doing some better. Will definately be in full force by our Bunco Christmas Shindig! What is the date, by the way? I am so looking forward to joining the land of the living. HA! I have to agree with you-that is the most profound seatbelt ad I have ever seen. Really makes you stop to think! Eliza may be going back to the 5-point harness!!!!! I cried and cried while watching it! Thanks for sharing it and I will be passing it on! Hope to talk to you soon! Take Care! By the way, who's expecting their third boy? Is it you? Love ya! Allison