Monday, October 02, 2006

We're Baaaaaaaack!!!

Well...After a long break, I have decide to blog again. We have had so much happen since I last blogged in April. Where should I start????? Hmmmm let's see...
1) Shannon- He has changed jobs. He left Companion in May and is now working Downtown as a Consultant for Trumbull Services. He has been very pleased with his decision. So if you are in that area you may spot him on his little jaunts to and from the "Y" everyday.

2) Sam- He is in the 3 yr. old class at Kilbourne Park and has so many precious little classmates. Sam is enrolled in Karate after school. After observing, I'm not quite sure what he is accomplishing. Shawn Giese and I get a good laugh out of it but I'm not getting the whole Mr. Miagi vibe from the instructor. He is learning so many wonderful things and his vocabulary AMAZES me!

3) Fulton- He just turned one and is LOVING his Tuesday and Thursday mornings w/ Mrs. Eleanor and Mrs. Cindy at Kilbourne Park. He also loves his Tuesday afternoons with Uncle NicNic and Jenny. And as always his Wednesdays with NaNa are very special. He is talking up a storm already. He accomplished his first Baby Sign just this week. He signs "more"!!!!

4) Me- I, as usual, have my hands in MANY pots.
  1. I went back to work doing Speech Therapy in Lexington #1 2-1/2 days a week. The position is great...the drive is long. But at least it gives me time to think in peace and use my $$$$$ education.
  2. I am still doing lots of embroidery for Letter Bugz. My sewing room stays hoppin'! I am trying to update the site still because I have added a precious line of stationery designed in-house!!! I have enjoyed doing this so much. If you have anything in mind that you want created for a party or Social Stationery...Let me know! I have a goal to exhibit at the National Stationery Show in NYC
  3. I help Shannon design websites. We have a really cute one coming up soon (hopefully by the end of the month). So girls...get out your checkbooks...
  4. I have also been playing with some delicious cupcake recipes since Fulton's birthday party. I was encouraged by several party attendees to branch out with the cupcakes. I must admit...they were pretty yummy AND very cute! They were monogrammed with an "F".

Any who...That's all about us for now. I'll try to be better about blogging, as I know all of you are on pins and needles waiting for my next post!!

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