Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I am taking requests for blog topics.
Hot items
Celeb Gossip
Popular Tot Items
Town Trash
Current/Upcoming Events in our happenin' city
You give me the topic and I'll blog it!!!


Anonymous said...

too cute! it makes me miss your adorable family more than words. ah, how i wish i were down the street!

how in the hell do you have time to put that together? you go, girl! you'
da bomb.

we'll be back mid dec. i'm thinking. let's have the cookie party. i'll help you organize it and get the dough, cutters, sprinkles, etc.

love you, girl,


I love my girls!! said...

Yeah!! Charlie and I are soo glad you are back. I can not believe how old and big your children are!! One day I WILL meet them. You better keep up this time (althought once every two weeks is acceptable!!)