Friday, October 20, 2006

The Fair has come to town!

Ahhhh the fair. How does one describe the South Carolina State Fair? Amidst the sea of wide-loads, poor dental hygiene, body odor, cow manure, child abuse, and a fine smelling chicken coop there is still fun to be had.
This gentleman makes a living playing bicycle horns. Quite interesting.
Any who...The Baker family managed to have a great time. Sam was reluctant to ride at first but ended up riding EVERYTHING twice!!! Fulton loved the Ferris Wheel and all the lights. The 9'3" robot was also a hit.
Sam and Shannon coming down the slide-Sam's face is priceless!


Anonymous said...

Hey - i love this! how cool! how do you have time to do all that?

the lets dish night sounds great - i have to see if i am working i told alan i was doing it and apparently i may not be done working nights up at groucho's!! oh well - one day i will hang up my little apron... until then.

loved seeing you - can't wait to get together soon.

also - what is letter bugz? i never knew that it was really for something - and the website is down.

xoxo Emily

Anonymous said...

Ok……CUTE!! I love all the pictures. How in the “H” do you have time to do ALL this stuff?? What a Mom!! Take care and I can’t believe Sam is already 4. WOW!! ELise

Anonymous said...

Your boys are precious! It seems as if Fulton was just born and he is already a year old! Time flys!!!!!

Where in the world to you find time to keep this blog up-dated? I am proud of you and you inspire me!!!!

Hope you have a good weekend. Jack and I are off to the BIG CITY of Mullins for the weekend!

Talk soon.....

I love my girls!! said...

Good thing there was not a shortage on Spiderman costumes this year. Half of Sam's party would have been without;)!! I say it everytime, but I hope to see all of you soon. Happy late birthday!!!

Leslie Kirk said...

I am so glad you are back on the blog! Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! Thank you so much for my b-day wishes! I can't believe we have the same fun! Hopefully we will see you more now that we are back in Columbia! Your boys are adorable and I love reading your posts!