Friday, October 20, 2006

The party goes on!!

And the party continues... In my family we didn't have a Birth-DAY, we had a Birth-WEEK. You had a family party, a school party, and a friend party. It went on forever. So how could I cheat my boys????

Sunday, October 15th Sam celebrated his REAL birthday. He wanted to go to TGIFridays and play at the mall. So off we went! When we returned, we gave him his presents and he was so excited. As some of you know, Sam has inherited the music gene. Boppa (Tronco) is quite proud to say the least. After going through 2 "little boy" drum sets, Sam finally received his BIG BOY drums!!!! His sense of rhythm amazes me. He enjoys drumming along with the Eagles in concert on DVD. He stays on beat and tries his hardest to mimic whatever it is they're doing. He actually does very well. We have looked in to lessons but no one will take on a 4 year old. We'll just have to wait a couple of years.

And then there's the class party. Sam specifically requested the Cars theme for school. So we celebrated at school on Monday. Cupcakes were delivered by Mommy and Fulton and we all sang to Sam. (Probably a little too much celebrating for a child who does not like to have attention drawn to him. He is his Father's child!!!!)

Sadly, Mrs. Frannie was absent but Mrs. Darcy filled in nicely

Sam and Kieth Giese have a blower war

Happy Birthweek Sam!!!!!

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