Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Saga Continued...

A poor attempt at a Halloween Poem
'Twas the night before Halloween
In our cul de sac
The pumpkin needed carving
To be turned into Jack
I called up the neighbors
A knife and pumpkin they'd bring
We were anxiously waiting
For our spooky doorbell to ring
The Potts family rushed over
With supplies in hand
Ideas were brewing
Make mine monogrammed!
Before we could carve
I'd be sure to trace
And make certain my monogram
Was perfectly in place
I steadily worked
I used elbow grease
For soon I'd reveal

Ta Da!!!!!

Shannon and I carve away!

The Potts Family cheated and used an electric knife. (Just kidding...so did we.)

Shannon looks a little too excited about gutting his pumpkin

FooFoo doesn't need to carve his...He just holds it and it looks cute!!!!

Sam decorated his with markers

Sam and Shannon show off "The Beast" (It looks better in the dark w/ the candle inside.)
So the festivities continued on Halloween. We went to Muzzy and Boppa's house to enjoy a pot of the traditional Tronco's Halloween chili. Shannon and I took Sam through the neighborhood as Fulton led the way, holding his pumpkin flashlight. Every 10 seconds he'd hold it up, pucker his lips, and say "OOOO". He was the best little Yoda EVER!!!! Sam got enough candy for 12 children and it was such a joy to watch him trick or treating.

May the force be with with you! Happy Halloween!!!!

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