Monday, October 02, 2006

Fulton's First Birthday Party

What a lovely day to turn ONE!!!!!!!

Fulton turned one on September 9th and had a fantastic celebration. He had a great turn out to his 1st birthday party.
When Fulton was first born, I expressed to my mom that I thought he had an old soul. I am beginning to wonder if it could be a soul I know very well. The saying is "the proof is in the pudding". In this case the proof was in the cake-----
My Great-Grandmother, "Nana Tronco", would have been very proud! When she would teach us to make home-made pasta, she would instruct us to "knit" the dough in her precious Italian dialect. Fulton did just that before he sampled his cake. He was careful to knead it in and out, back and forth. It was too cute!!! Needless to say, he thoroughly enjoyed tasting it as well.
Fulton "Knitting" his cake
Fulton eating his cake
The past year has been such a joy with little "FuFu"!!!
Happy Birthday, Sweet boy!!!!
Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Sam

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