Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall Festivities!

Happy Halloween!!!!
Welcome to Baker-ville!

I love Halloween! It is by far my favorite Holiday. It's an excuse to be Ultra-Tacky!

The combination of Orange, Green, Black and Purple just does something for me!

I take pleasure in finding tacky little nick-nacks to greet my guests as they come to the door. Nothing too lavish or frightening. We don't want to scare away the trick-or-treaters, we simply want to make them smile and feel like we put a little extra into the season.

Picture #5 is a Baker Favorite. It is age-old and has annoyed friends and neighbors for several years now. It is none other than, the Halloween Doorbell.

Picture #4 is a very fitting broom to let visitors know whether or not I am "in" or "out". It is the most recent Halloween purchase.

Picture #1 showcases three of our holiday pumpkins. We will be adding more to the collection, as pumpkin picking and carving is one of my favorite past-times. We have been invited to the Anna (Rock) Kirkland's party to do just that and I can't wait to go!!! The top pumpkin is a "Lightening McQueen" pumpkin that was given to Sam by the Precious Potts family across the street. The bottom right is Sam's pumpkin that he decorated at his Playgroup Halloween Party (See next subject.) The bottom left is a stand-in faux-carved pumpkin to fill a space for our Family Pumpkin that has not yet been created.

(Check back for Pumpkin updates)

Playgroup Halloween Party 2006
For those of you unfamiliar with our All-boys-Playgroup, we are the phenomenon that has even the greatest statisticians perplexed. We were organized about three years ago as a group of seven moms who all had something in common, BOYS!!! All of our boys were born within the same year. Since then, we have each had a second child...ALL BOYS!!!! Now, the first mom to be expecting her third child is having ANOTHER BOY!!!! If you don't want a boy...stay away! If you are desperately wanting a boy...join us!!!

Regardless, we have all become very close and truly enjoy watching all these little guys grow up together.
'Tis the season for their Annual Halloween Party. We had a fabulous time at the Dorsey Estate where the party was held. The boys ran around in their costumes, ate pizza, cupcakes, and "dirt" w/ worms. We also decorated pumpkins. The evening was topped off with a Moms-Night-Out, as dads took the boys home.

We gladly welcomed a couple of extras that are obviously not boys and a couple who are not in the original group because... Hey! the more the merrier!!!

top to bottom: Andrew Barker, Lela Skipper, Charlie Wheeler, Kendrick Skipper, Cannon Dorsey, Sam Baker, Blake Weinbach, Conner Caulder, Stephens West, Grant Dorsey, Harris Jackson standing (l to r): Luke Weinbach and Chapman West

Cannon and Kendrick wait patiently

Mrs. April sets the stage

Fulton and Brooks create a little chaos of their own

Sam shows off his fabulous creation

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