Friday, October 27, 2006

Casino Night with Boppa

Uncle Michael and cousin Jameson arrived from Summerville on Friday A.M. Michael came for the game and Jameson came to play. Aunt Kristin and Isabella were left behind for a nice and quiet girls weekend. Friday night we piled into Muzzy and Boppa's house for pizza followed by Romper Room! Jameson and Sam had so much fun. I've never heard two boys laugh so much at just about everything. Boppa decided to redirect their energy into a more organized activity...POKER!!!!! OK, not really poker, but a few card tricks and games. The ottoman made for a very nice casino table. It was very cute and some much needed structure.
Even little Fulton had some fun on his own. He knows just where to find all the good Muzzy's secret cabinet.

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That is sweet. Great stuff, what was I doing on casino night. Was I sick then? Talk to you soon.